Monday, 11 January 2010

thnx to ahmad nofx from!

today, i met new friend from facebook..his name is ahmad nofx, he is from Makassar..he has a kool blog site that share so many local bands from Indonesia, that was so kool!! maybe u should check it there!

if u like to support your local bands, u should go there, download all the songs from all Indonesian underground bands,,it include hardcore, ska, punk, rockabilly, and many more..nica blog!!

and by the way, ahmad sent me a message, he told me that he want post beforeyougetin songs to his i told to him, "that's okay, sure.."..haha,

after a couple minute, he did it, he posted it..nice dude!!

so, if u wanna download beforeyougetin songs in othe site, u can check too..

here is the posts link..check it out!

enjoy! thnx!

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Free iTunes Voucher said...

Great stuff, cheers for the links too! I will be sure to download some of these.